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Pigs flying. Hell freezing over. CREA communicating directly with members.

Things that haven't been done before. Cross that last one off the list. You are the first to receive CREA's new direct to member communications piece, "News2Me."

For too long there has been a disconnect between you and your national association. Over time and through various policy decisions, CREA and its Presidents have not been able to contact REALTORS® directly. That changes today as we launch "News2Me," CREA's national newsletter.

When I became your President in April 2011 one of my goals was to ensure members heard directly from CREA. If you're reading this, you are a member of one of 53 Boards and Associations, representing over 54,000 REALTORS®, who have agreed to let CREA speak directly with members. Thank you and congratulations.

Take a look around this first edition of "News2Me" to get a sense of what's to come. Our goal is to keep you up to speed in a quick and easy way on critical issues in our industry, whether it's our Futures Scenario planning exercise, breaking federal policy changes or new tech services and products, they can all be found or linked to through this newsletter.

While we wanted this first issue to be perfect … easy to access, easy to link to relevant information … we realized that, if we waited until it was perfect, it would probably never happen. This is a work in progress. We won't necessarily get it right the first or even the second time. But we are committed to making it a vehicle for your national Association to bring you information we hope you will find interesting, relevant and useful.

In this first communication, you will see there are links that will take you to the full detail on a particular topic. In most cases it is to REALTORLink® where you'll be required to log in. I think we probably all find logging in to get additional information a frustrating exercise. We hope to find a way for you to link to the additional information without the need to log in. There may also be alternative ways by which this information can be delivered to you which we want to explore. As I said, it's a work in progress …

If you have ideas, suggestions or comments about "News2Me," including ideas on how to make it better, please email us at We look forward to your input as we tailor our communications to meet your needs.


Gary Morse
CREA President


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