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Given future consumer expectations, what is the role of the REALTOR® in five to ten years and what will the implications be for organized real estate?

Big question. Wouldn't we all love to know the answers?

What you may not know is that your colleagues, along with Boards and Associations across the country (collectively referred to as Organized Real Estate or ORE), have been working on the answer for nearly a year now.

Known as the Futures Project, the process got off to a rousing start at the 2011 CREA AGM where 400 volunteer leaders (REALTORS®) and staff from Boards and Associations across the country got together to create four possible scenarios for our business over the next decade. We took those scenarios on a cross country tour last fall with local and regional meetings held in over a dozen locations. These sessions engaged participants in conversations about the future of our business in a rapidly changing environment, the impact on REALTORS® and how Boards and Associations can ensure that the tools, techniques and processes REALTORS® need are delivered on a timely and cost effective basis.

REALTORS® from across the country were given the chance to speak up and be heard. By the time the Futures cross-Canada roadshow came to an end in early October, input had been captured from nearly a thousand participants.

Every single piece of data from individual worksheets from the cross country meetings was reviewed and analyzed to identify patterns and themes. In addition, the debates and comments from the virtual futures discussion on REALTOR Link® provided valuable input from REALTORS® across the country. This material was the basis of discussions at our Special General Meeting (SGM) held last fall in Toronto. Our goal was to canvass participants on which strategies we should pursue to make our industry more nimble, responsive and customer focused. In that regard, four strategic focus areas were identified: development of a state-of-the-art technology platform; professional development; restructuring of governance within Organized Real Estate; and, acquiring consumer insight.

A significant amount of information, including videos and reports from the above mentioned meetings can be found at the "Creating Our Future" tab on the CREA page of REALTOR Link®. There is simply too much information to include everything in this brief overview. If you are interested in the future of our profession, please take some time to watch the videos and read the material.

Last week your Board was sent the Futures Strategy Map as part of the 2012 CREA AGM package. These documents contain recommended goals, objectives and actions that are the basis for the votes that will take place at the AGM and chart the future of our business.

With your support and engagement we can ensure REALTORS® have the tools and knowledge to help consumers with the biggest financial decision of their lives, buying and selling real estate, now and into the next decade.


Gary Morse
CREA President

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