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What's on the horizon
in 2013?

This kick-off edition of 2013's NEWS2Me is going out to all CREA members across the country, for the first time. In the past, Boards had to opt-in for members to receive the newsletter but your overwhelmingly positive response resulted in a decision to include everyone.

Lots to report this month, so let's get right down to business.

The redesign of continues to gather steam — beta testing is now underway in Nova Scotia and plans are to launch the new site later in 2013. The dynamic new site will provide a more modern user experience, and make a clearer connection with Canada's REALTORS® to keep you top-of-mind as homebuyers navigate through the website.

At the same time, social media practitioners will notice that CREA's Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are all new. This is the first step in a radical re-shaping of our online presence. Helpful information about the people, plans and initiatives in federal affairs, communications and technology are on tap in a brand new blog launching in March. So friend us, follow us and engage, we want to hear from you!

With that thought in mind, please take the time to tell us about all the good things you and your brokerage do for your community. Many REALTORS® are super-heroes in their hometowns, just take a look at our REALTORS Care® site here. Feel free to brag a bit and tell us your stories and we'll publish them so everyone can see the difference you make!

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CREA and Instanet Solutions have entered into an agreement that will allow CREA members to use electronic signatures on documents beginning in early 2013.

The service, titled Authentisign, will be integrated with WEBForms®, CREA's existing online forms system, allowing members to easily share documents electronically. Please note this is not an exclusive arrangement. CREA will soon be announcing other vendors who will offer similar services.

Authentisign will be designed to comply with Provincial and Territorial Laws and Regulations. Electronic signatures are not yet allowed in all jurisdictions. You can check with your Board or regulator for rules in your province.

Electronic signatures are not yet allowed in all jurisdictions. You can check with your Board or regulator for rules in your province.

The service is expected in early 2013 – more details to follow.

Significant Lobbying Success Eases Burden of Compliance for REALTORS®

When anti-spam rules that regulate the sending of commercial e-mail, text and other electronic communication come into force sometime this year, they will be much easier to comply with as a result of extensive and intensive lobbying by REALTORS® and CREA. Seven lobbying successes, highlighted below, preserve important marketing practices and significantly ease the compliance burden of this framework.

  1. A transitional provision allows REALTORS® to send electronic messages to clients without express consent for three years, provided the relationship existed before the new rules come into force.
  2. The amount of time REALTORS® can stay in touch with a client without express consent after a sale was extended by an additional six months to 24 months total.
  3. REALTORS® can follow up with a potential client after exchanging contact information, including at a networking event, so long as the message is relevant to the recipient's business.
  4. Express consent to send commercial electronic messages can be obtained orally or in writing. Prior to our lobbying efforts consent could only be acquired in writing.
  5. A tremendous amount of information about the sender was required in a request for consent to send an e-mail and in each subsequent message. Our efforts reduced the required amount significantly to include only basic contact information.
  6. A requirement to have a website in order to send a commercial electronic message was removed.
  7. The regime's unsubscribe requirement was significantly streamlined. REALTORS® only need to provide a single functioning unsubscribe mechanism to consumers.

Materials for REALTORS®, Boards and Associations that outline obligations in a format that is easy to understand and implement will be available well before members need to comply with the new rules.

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