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March Madness! >>>

March Madness is a huge college basketball tournament south of the border but this year it seems to refer to Canadians' state of mind as they curse the remnants of a winter that lingers beyond its past due date. In CREA's case, the term neatly applies to organized real estate. A ton of interesting and important things happened in March and we want to keep you up-to-date with the madness. We'll keep it brief but encourage you to click through to the links or "read more" to get the full story.

CREA Annual General Meeting (AGM) Debrief

Another AGM has come and gone and once again it was great to hear from members from every part of the country. Important items of business on the agenda included votes on a couple of Futures Initiatives as well as a motion about the REALTOR® Code. After a lot of interesting debate, with many members speaking both for and ...
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Blog Launch

Come connect with us over a virtual cup of coffee as we share our thoughts and insights at the CREA Café, our new blog. We'll cover off a range of issues including federal affairs, new media and technology, legal issues, member support and ...
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REALTOR® Panel: What do you think?

Haven't you always wanted a chance to tell CREA exactly what you think about our products and services? Or have a chance to weigh in on them before they are launched? Well then join our new REALTOR® panel...
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CREA Stats

Canadian home sales edge back in February

Updated Forecast

CREA updates resale housing forecast

Budget 2013 Focused on Job Skills, Infrastructure, Research and Manufacturing

Last week, the federal government introduced Budget 2013. This year's economic and fiscal blueprint balances returning to balanced budgets by 2015-16 with targeted measures that support job creation, improve competitiveness and address areas the government views as threats to the Canadian economy.

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Help Us Solve a Mystery

video mystery link

We all know that REALTORS® contribute to their communities. The heart-warming stories on paint a picture of a profession that steps up, gives back and makes a difference. But we'd like to add some important detail to that picture, so we've hired some help – have a watch and get in touch.

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