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Update on Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation >>>

Since 2009, CREA has actively and successfully lobbied to preserve critical marketing practices and significantly ease the burden of complying with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). The rules are not final and some additional changes still may be made. In addition, a date by which REALTORS® and other businesses in Canada need to comply when sending e-mail has yet to be announced.

The latest information on CASL, including details on the seven changes CREA has won to date, is on the REALTOR® Action Network.

CREA is developing materials for REALTORS®, Boards and Associations that outline obligations in an easy to understand format. These resources cannot be finalized until the government finalizes its anti-spam framework. However, they will be available well before members need to comply. To ensure you have the inside track, visit the REALTOR® Action Network.

Protect Your Business.
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Join the REALTOR® Action Network.

Strengthen our industry's ability to change government decisions that impact your business and your clients by joining the REALTOR® Action Network.

REALTOR® Action Network

The REALTOR® Action Network enables you to make the REALTOR® position known to your Member of Parliament when legislation that affects our sector is being debated on Parliament Hill.

It also gives you the inside track on political decisions as they are occurring, to more effectively adapt your business to possible change and help your clients understand how new legislation might affect them.

Once you join, take the Five REALTOR® Challenge and encourage five of your REALTOR® colleagues to sign up and do the same. The larger our REALTOR® Action Network, the stronger our voice on Parliament Hill.

ACI Café

CREA Café's
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in May

What are people reading on the CREA Café while they sip their lattés? Here are this month's most popular posts...

  1. Is it the engaging animation? The business-critical content? CREA's Competition Counsel's amusing prose? Whatever the case, "Refreshing competition videos make a splash just in time for summer" has been popular with visitors to the Café this month.
  2. "Every word in a contract has meaning", a cautionary tale about contract wording and deposits gone awry, is getting some serious attention too.
  3. Unsurprisingly, "A record-breaking year for" has been a hit. The fast-moving video highlights the success of in each province while featuring some gorgeous images from across the country.

We'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see featured on the CREA Café. What do you want to know more about? What type of content could you repurpose on your own blogs or social media sites if we provide it? Drop CREA's Director of Communications, Linda Kristal, a line at and let us know!

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CREA Stats

Canadian home sales rise in April
Bank of Canada maintains course for rates

Data Distribution Facility: more destinations for you to choose!

Marketing your listing content has never been easier! Four new sites have been added to the DDF™ Third Party Destinations component this month:;;; and That brings the total number of destinations available to CREA members to fourteen!

Also, as of May 22, 2013, was removed as a third party destination as it no longer complies with the terms for the Third Party Destinations component of the DDF™.

The DDF™ continues to grow and as of today the National Shared Pool has over 82,000 listings, representing 25% of all the listings in The Franchisor Pool has 73,000 listings and the Third Party Destinations Pool over 68,000 listings.

To learn more about the DDF™ visit our training centre.

Help your clients be mortgage-savvy

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) has just updated its Renewing and Renegotiating your Mortgage publication. It contains tips for shopping around before renewal, questions consumers should ask themselves, and information on switching lenders if the mortgage is registered as a collateral charge mortgage.

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