Anti-Spam and FINTRAC Education - Beware

Some companies are marketing seminars to REALTORS® on anti-spam legislation and new FINTRAC rules. Unfortunately, the government has yet to finalize the rules and guidelines so this may be a case of putting the cart before the horse. Full details on how REALTORS® can comply will not be known for a few months. Members should be advised that modifications made by the government to these rules before they are finalized can significantly alter compliance requirements. ...

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Promoting REALTOR® value to consumers


Late August and early September is the time vacations end, school's in and Canadians make their last big push to buy or sell a home or property. That's the reason CREA's national ad campaign hits the airwaves in late August, to help remind consumers of the value of using a REALTOR®. This year's campaign theme is internet over-confidence - it neatly dispenses with the notion that you can point and click your way to solving life's challenges, big or small.

See the television ads here and listen to the radio ads here.

Fall is also the time when your REALTOR® led National Ad Campaign Committee (NACC) looks at creative concepts for 2014. ...

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What's the value of the MLS® trademark?


As REALTORS®, you know The Canadian Real Estate Association owns the MLS® trademarks. You also know that the MLS® trademarks identify a higher quality of professional services that are provided by REALTORS® via Board co-operative listing systems (commonly referred to as MLS® Systems).

But what does that really mean for you in practice?

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