CREA's 2013 Special General Meeting Recap

Last week CREA held its 2013 Special General Meeting (SGM) in beautiful Vancouver. Over 300 delegates representing REALTORS® across the country – your elected leadership – gathered to discuss critical real estate issues of the day and to vote on important governance changes.

The governance changes that were before the Assembly were largely to bring CREA's By-Laws and Rules into compliance with new federal legislation related to not-for-profit organizations. You can read more about those changes in the CREA Café blog post Good Governance is Good for REALTORS® penned by CREA's General Counsel Bill Harrington.

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Can you count on our counting?
Yes indeed.

Recently there have been media articles about CREA's monthly resale housing information that question the accuracy of our data. These articles have been generated by completely unfounded and uninformed accusations from observers outside of our industry. They are wrong and we want to assure our membership that you – and your clients – can count on the statistical information we publish.

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Top 3 CREA Café Blog Posts

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