New .REALTOR domains are on the horizon – get on the priority list!

Right now members of the Canadian Real Estate Association and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) can sign up to be on the priority list for .REALTOR domain registration. By signing up you will have a 24-hour head start to register a domain(s) before other members of CREA and the NAR. Priority list registration ends March 31, 2014. Get on the priority list before it closes:

The new .REALTOR top-level domain (TLD) will make it easier for home buyers, sellers and investors to locate a trusted source of real estate information, resources and services online. The .REALTOR top level domain (TLD) will be used as an alternative to .com, .ca, .org. etc. In other words, a day will come when REALTOR® website addresses will look like this: johnsmith.REALTOR

It will create a more positive experience for consumers who are seeking expert information and services and want to ensure they are working with a REALTOR®.

Registration will open later this year, and .REALTOR will be available to all REALTOR® members in Canada and the United States, making .REALTOR truly North American in scope.


Advertising – it's what we know, not what we think

Next month marks the debut of CREA's new national ad campaign. Our 2014 television, radio, online and print ads help kick-off the busy Spring market. We hit all these different media in different proportions because we have a pretty exact breakdown of where our target audience spends its time consuming information.

Our television ads are most talked about and we are proud to say we've won a couple advertising industry awards. There are several challenges with making good televisions ads, the biggest is telling a story in 30 seconds. Television is a lean-out medium. Think about it. Newpapers are a lean-in medium. When you pick up a paper, you want to pay attention, you want to at least glance at the contents. With television, people sit back and say "entertain me, or else". The "or else" means if you fail, I either won't pay attention, switch channels, or in the worst case, hit the off switch.

To get the people who lean-out, to lean-in, we need to get their attention. And we need to tell a story and be meaningful. Two out of three doesn't cut it, we need three out of three. That's the only way our message will resonate and matter to consumers. Play along at home if you can. Watch TV for the ads. Maybe turn the volume down. See which ones really make you pay attention. Email us some of your lean-in favs and we will post them on CREA Café with the new ads when the 2014 campaign launches March 17. Here is one the CREA staff who work on the ad campaign really like: Carlsberg Surprises Cinema Goers



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