AGM Wrap-Up

This past weekend 400 REALTOR® delegates gathered in Ottawa for CREA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Leadership Day. Outgoing President Laura Leyser "passed the gavel" to Beth Crosbie who will serve as your 2014-15 President. A huge thank you to Laura whose mantra, "Stronger Together" served REALTORS® so well over the last year. We look forward to hearing from Beth as she carries out her work in the coming months. You can learn more about the entire 2014-15 Board of Directors here.

At the AGM it was announced that all Quebec Boards who had signaled their intent to leave CREA, or who had previously left, are once again members. And the Assembly approved a dues reduction for Quebec members to reflect that CREA does not produce a French-language advertising campaign for the province as well as the fact that members in Quebec are precluded from using WEBForm® by their regulator. This approval provides continuity with previous Assembly decisions related to Quebec members' dues.

The reintegration of Quebec into CREA is a positive development for all REALTORS®. The more united our membership, the stronger our voice is on Parliament Hill, and the more enviable and comprehensive our is as the go-to destination for real estate.

New iPhone App Ready for April Release

screen capture

The CREA mobile team has been hard at work redesigning the iPhone app. With its scheduled release in early April there are a number of new features both consumers and REALTORS® can look forward to. The new app makes it easy for consumers to connect with REALTORS® and easily search for listings that are important to them.

In this version the team has added a detailed mortgage calculator which allows users to get a feel for what a property might actually cost them. Favourites, Property Tours and the enhanced search bar are among some other top features that really make for iPhone shine.

Look for the new app in the App Store in early April.

New Compliance Materials for CREA Members


REALTORS® now have additional resource materials to help simplify compliance related to Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) as well as FINTRAC. Guidance on CASL for REALTOR® Members and Summary Guidance on CASL for REALTOR® Members can be found on the CREA publications page on REALTOR Link®.

A suite of materials to make compliance with FINTRAC regulations easier are available here.