Take two minutes to help your buyers achieve their homeownership dreams

REALTORS® successfully lobbied for the creation of the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP) in the early 1990s. We are calling on you again to take two minutes to message your MP through the REALTOR® Action Network and ask for support to preserve this program's buying power.


Why is this important? Your clients have likely been among the 2.6 million Canadians who have used the HBP to buy their first home. For some, it meant the difference between renting and owning by allowing them to borrow from Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) to put down a down payment. Sadly, inflation steadily erodes the purchasing power of this program.

Since the HBP was last adjusted in 2009 to allow $25,000 to be borrowed from an RRSP, it has lost $1,500 in purchasing power. By 2020, this gap will widen to $5,000. Left unchanged, a homebuyer in 2020 will receive $5000 less value from the HBP than one in 2009.

Cost of living isn't likely to go down. Your clients need you to lend your voice, create a conversation on Parliament Hill and push for indexation of the HBP to be added to Budget 2015.

How does our 109,000+ strong REALTOR® community make this happen? We speak as one. Here's how:

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Log in to REALTOR® Action Network (RAN) www.REALTORActionNetwork.ca, our industry's grassroots advocacy platform using your REALTOR Link® ID and password.

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Navigate to the 'Spotlight' tab and click the 'Take Action' button.

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Enter your home address and verify your contact information is accurate.

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Click 'Send Message'.

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Share with your REALTOR® friends and colleagues.

Your action today can help consumers enter the housing market and use your services tomorrow.

Mark October 23 on your calendars

Beginning October 23, 2014, CREA members will be able to claim .REALTOR domains. The domains will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis, and registration is being handled by NAR through an exclusive marketing partnership with CREA.


The .REALTOR domain will instantly identify REALTOR® members as credible sources of real estate information who also adhere to the REALTOR® Code.

Information about registration, pricing and much more can be found at realtorlink.ca/dotREALTOR.

Photos on REALTOR.ca now watermarked

You may have noticed that earlier this month, CREA began applying the REALTOR® "R" watermark to property photos on REALTOR.ca.


The watermark serves two important purposes that benefit members. The primary purpose is security. The watermark allows CREA to identify the photograph as having originated on REALTOR.ca. This provides REALTOR® members with additional protection against scraping and other unauthorized uses of the photograph. The watermark also allows consumers to associate the quality of the data displayed with these properties as being provided by REALTORS®, whether they are viewing the property on one of CREA's sites, or on a site displaying data received through DDF®.

The application of watermarks on photographs on REALTOR.ca is not intended to suggest that CREA has any ownership interest in the photograph. CREA does not, nor has it ever, claimed that it owns the copyright in those photographs.


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