Marketing your Listings with Keywords Search on continues to improve how it matches REALTOR® listings to consumer searches with the addition of the new Keyword Search function. As a result, it provides a tool that can help you more effectively market your listings.

How it works

Consumers can enter any keyword, for example, 'pet-friendly', 'ramp' or 'fenced yard' into the new keyword field. If these keywords are included in any of the listing's public fields, the listing will surface in the consumer's search results. Returning more targeted listings contributes to a better consumer experience, ensuring they return to

Keyword Search

Keyword Search

How it benefits REALTORS®

When writing listing descriptions know that each word you include is a potential search query of a consumer. By adding important details about amenities, the neighbourhood, etc., your listings will have the potential to appear more frequently, as the millions of consumers that start their research with fine tune their searches with criteria beyond just number of rooms and price.

REALTORS® will also benefit from the insights that will be generated with the new Keywords Search. For example, did you know that since it went live this past October, some of the most popular search keywords across Canada so far include 'in-law suite', 'bungalow', 'income suite' and 'workshop'?

If we take a closer look at some of the most popular search queries by city, we see keywords such as 'insuite laundry' in Vancouver, 'finished basement' in Toronto, 'parking' in Montreal and 'walkout basement' in Calgary as search terms that consumers like to use.

What can REALTORS® do with this insight?  If your listings include these types of amenities, make sure to include them in your property descriptions as it will create another way to get your listings in front of consumers.

Other important information

Should you have any questions about the new Keyword Search field or other ways of marketing yourself and your listings on, please contact CREA member support.

CREA to manage DDF® Module 3 Listing Distribution

Effective Spring 2015, CREA is ending its relationship with Point2, the current provider for Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) Module 3 Listing Distribution.

At that time, CREA will take on the distribution of member listings to approved third-party sites, just as CREA manages the distribution of member listings through the National Shared Pool, the National Franchisor Pool and other aspects of DDF®.

That means that CREA will be providing all the DDF® services in-house (CREA has been managing Modules 1 and 2 since their launch).

We are working with Point2 to make the transition as seamless as possible. We don't expect any issues with the transition; however, in the event that members need to update permissions, we will communicate with you.

Should you have any questions, please contact Blair Armstrong,

.mls Domain

At the end of 2014 CREA, in cooperation with the REALTORS Information Network™ (RIN), a subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS®, secured the rights to the .mls domain. Total cost to acquire the domain was $3.359 million (US) shared equally between CREA and RIN.

This acquisition represents a huge victory for the REALTOR® community, not only because it  provides us with a valuable intellectual property asset, but also because REALTOR® ownership of the domain is critical for the protection of the the MLS® trademark. In the future the .mls domain will be made available to Boards and Associations on a limited basis. Our priority is to roll out the .REALTOR domain. For more information on how to obtain your .REALTOR domain click here.