AGM Recap

On March 28-29, 2015, over 400 REALTOR® delegates converged in Ottawa for CREA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Leadership Day.

Delegates in attendance voted in favour of the proposed changes to the REALTOR® Code (refer to the AGM Agenda package).

Outgoing President Beth Crosbie "passed the gavel" to Pauline Aunger who will serve as your 2015-16 CREA President.

A huge thank you goes to Beth who initiated the "CREA Open House" meetings  to better acquaint REALTORS® with the CREA services they pay for. Her unique understanding of both Canadian politics and real estate helped to advance our federal advocacy efforts and grow the REALTOR® Action Network (RAN).

Director elections also took place - check out your newly minted 2015-16 Board of Directors. And take a look at all the photos from the summit on CREA's Facebook page.

"Oooohhh" the 2015 National Ad Campaign is here!

In this year's TV ad 'Motel', a couple tries selling their house without a REALTOR® and find themselves in a very unusual predicament that could have been avoided.

The ad informs consumers about the type of guidance, expertise and know-how REALTORS® offer during a real estate transaction. The ad sends the clear message that REALTORS® can provide help mitigating the risks in buying or selling a home.

Here are the 30 second and 60 second TV ads that will be interrupting your regular TV programming:


REALTORS® are encouraged to embed the videos on their websites and share the ad with their social networks.

Also, don't forget to check out the latest radio, print and banner ads. They are thematically similar to the TV ads in order to amplify our message. Each vignette humorously explores a problem that might have been avoided with the help of a REALTOR®. They are available on REALTOR Link®.

Lastly, CREA's web rights for use of the "Raid" commercial expired on March 16, 2015. If you haven't already done so, please remove any embedded videos or links as part of CREA's Usage Guidelines.


2014 Consumer Insights Report for REALTORS®

The 2014 Consumer Insights Report for REALTORS® analyzes traffic to, Canada's most visited real estate website and presents it in a meaningful way for REALTORS® to use. and its associated mobile apps are Canada's leading source for real estate listings from REALTORS® with more than 256 million visits in 2014.

The report outlines 10 insights about, including:

For each insight, there is a valuable tip that members can use to improve how they take advantage of for their business and clients.

Download your copy today!