Canada goes red

Fall is a colourful time in Canada, but there's a lot more red this year, Liberal red.

This is a comeback story for the ages. The Liberal Party of Canada, the third-place party for the past four years with just 34 seats in the House of Commons, won with 184 seats. They will form a majority government with the Conservative Party of Canada serving as the Official Opposition. This is the first time a third-place party has jumped to government in 90 years and the first time that jump resulted in a majority.

Sweeping change like this presents unique opportunities for our industry, but also some challenges.

Opportunity: A new Parliament means new MPs and a fresh start. It's our industry's chance to introduce issues important to Canadian homebuyers and sellers.

Challenge: We will be competing with 4,000+ registered lobbyists to shake hands with new MPs and get reacquainted with returning MPs.

To help our industry stand out, we've launched a call to action on the REALTOR® Action Network (RAN). Please take the call to action and send a letter of congratulations to your local MP and Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This simple, nonpartisan action goes a long way in showing the breadth and depth of REALTOR® political engagement and begins the process of building these vital new relationships.

CREA will collate the responses and deliver them to each MP's Parliament Hill office along with an information package that introduces the REALTOR® community, our role in Canada's economy and our issues.

You know the old saying, "you don't get a second chance at a first impression". Let's make ours memorable and set the tone for the next parliamentary session by taking the call to action.

$71.6 million…

This spring, we asked REALTORS®, brokerages, franchisors, real estate Boards and Associations, and their affiliated charitable organizations how much they raised and/or donated to charity in 2014. We crunched the numbers and it turns out they reported over $17.7 million in funds raised and donated. Added to our previous 2012-2013 tally, that's a grand total of $71.6 million in only three years.

YouTube video

This impressive number speaks volumes about the generosity of Canadian REALTORS® and the meaningful role you play in the communities where you work and live. Keep up the wonderful work!

Feeling inspired? Visit for more information about the many ways your fellow REALTORS® are giving back; then, connect with us to share your story and raise awareness for the charity or cause close to your heart.

Everyday Political Citizen Project

This year CREA sponsored the Everyday Political Citizen contest, an initiative of Samara Canada that crowdsources nominations for ordinary citizens who make a difference in big or small ways in their communities.

Who is an Everyday Political Citizen? The project celebrates the unsung heroes of Canadian democracy: formal and social media politicos, online organizers, educators and community voices. Nominations were accepted until October 28, 2015. A panel of judges, including CREA President Pauline Aunger and television personality Rick Mercer, will review the nominations over the next month and select a winner.

Our industry nominated 10 of our own as Everyday Political Citizens:

Stay tuned for the results.

Empowering Canadians through financial literacy

This November will be the fifth anniversary of Financial Literacy Month (FLM), a month-long awareness campaign to promote the importance of making informed financial decisions and developing healthy financial habits. In celebration of FLM, CREA's popular Homebuyers' Road Map will launch in three of the top newcomer languages in Canada: Punjabi, Tagalog and Simplified Chinese.1

Newcomers are an important part of Canada's social, cultural and economic fabric. As REALTORS®, you know all too well how complex and confusing the home buying process can be. For someone new to Canada, trying to make this country their home, the complexity and confusion is compounded by language barriers.

The REALTOR® community has been an active participant and stakeholder in financial literacy since the Homebuyers' Road Map launched in 2012. This was the first of a series of collaborations between the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and REALTOR® community. Over 175,000 copies of the Homebuyers' Road Map have been distributed to REALTORS® and their clients.

REALTORS® are encouraged to download, order copies of, and share the English and French Homebuyers' Road Map with their clients and social networks (use #FLM2015, @CREA_ACI and @FCACan to tap into the national conversation). The Homebuyers' Road Map received a branding update as part of CREA's new look, but contains all the same information on the home buying process.

The Punjabi, Tagalog and Simplified Chinese versions of the Homebuyers' Road Map will be available mid-November, so stay tuned to CREA's social media channels for that release.

1 Citizenship and Immigration, 2014, Permanent residents by top languages reported as mother tongue.

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