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Finance Minister seeking Canadians' input for Budget 2016

The Minister of Finance and the Government of Canada are asking all Canadians to share what they believe should be included in Budget 2016. This is our opportunity to make ourselves heard and push for issues that help Canadian homebuyers.

You can engage in the pre-budget consultations through the call to action on the REALTOR® Action Network (RAN) or on Twitter (#PBC16). These channels complement the traditional process through which CREA will submit a formal proposal.

While a lone voice doesn't have a lot of influence, over 110,000 REALTOR® voices can add up. You are key to getting the government to take notice of our recommendations and include them in Budget 2016. Here are our REALTOR® recommendations in a tweetable 140 characters or less:

We urge the @CanadianPM to keep his #elxn42 promise & expand the #HomeBuyersPlan to Canadians facing a significant life change. #PBC16

2.8 million+ Canadians achieve homeownership through the #HomeBuyersPlan. @Bill_Morneau, please maintain its value via indexation. #PBC16

The #HomeBuyersPlan has lost over $7,000 in purchasing power since it was first implemented in 1992. Indexation stops erosion. #PBC16

Take Action! Send a letter to the Minister of Finance through the RAN and add klout to our ask by posting about the Home Buyers' Plan using the tweets provided.

New app for Android available on Google Play

Google Play

Canadians have significantly changed the way they consume web content with an overall shift towards mobile. To maximize the consumer experience, we've released the latest version of the Android app to Google Play.

The new version makes it easier for consumers to find REALTORS® across Canada and add you to their contact lists. And they can call or email you directly through the app.

The latest version of the app boasts a fully redesigned interface, as well as:

Download the app today from Google Play and share the news with your Android using clients.

Changes to DDF® Rules and National Shared Pool

It may be hard to believe, but CREA's Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) has been operational for four years now. Just like any technology, the DDF® has evolved over time and we have made changes to it since 2012. We've updated the dashboard, added a new franchisor direct module, and taken over responsibility for the distribution of DDF® listing content to third party destinations. Here are some of the most recent changes to the DDF®…

Participation in the National Shared Pool

In December, we switched off the National Shared Pool (NSP) for members in Quebec. This action was taken in light of information we received from the regulator in that province. They were requiring CREA to undertake a number of onerous steps to ensure compliance with the licensing legislation in their province. It was no longer practical to offer the NSP to members in Quebec, similar to the situation in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. More information about the responses we received from regulators and what steps can be taken to comply with provincial licensing legislation can be found in the DDF® FAQ on REALTOR Link®.

DDF® Rule Changes

In January, the Board of Directors approved amendments to the DDF® Rules. The two issues that the amendments clarify are: the obligation on participants to set permissions before a technology provider can display DDF® listing content on their NSP Website; and the obligation to remove old listing content from DDF® websites.

DDF® Changes ... read more