Marketing Tools for REALTORS®

Did you know that had 240+ million sessions and generated over 1.5 million email leads for REALTORS® in 2015?

To help REALTORS® leverage Canada's most popular real estate site, we offer a suite of tools to make it easier to post, update, promote and evaluate the success of your listings. Our tools for REALTORS® include:

Data Distribution Facility (DDF®)
Share your listings with other brokers and REALTORS® who've opted into DDF®. You can also send your listings to 20+ third party web sites and update all of them in one place – can you say easy and convenient?

My Listings
View all of your active listings on in one place. This comprehensive view allows you to verify all the information is up-to-date and your listing displays as you expect.

Listing Statistics
Find out how many people are looking at a particular listing or get an aggregate of all of your listings. These statistics are great for updating your clients and for promoting your services during buyer and seller presentations.

My Email Leads
Access all the email leads sent to you through, the mobile apps and DDF® third party sites. Once a lead is generated through your listings or your REALTOR® profile, this new tool keeps a record of them, making it easy for you to ensure you never miss a lead again.

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Consumer Insights from the New Personal Accounts on

Over 52,000 consumers have created personal accounts on with an average of 5,300 logging into their account daily. These accounts provide a wealth of data that help CREA and REALTORS® better understand and support consumers' real estate journeys.

By studying consumers' profiles and behavior, we can ensure is continually improving to meet changing consumer demands in a dynamic online world, support both residential and commercial REALTORS® and also inform you about what we learn so you can adapt your business and enhance your marketing tactics.

Potential learnings from personal accounts:

CREA is excited about this new information and how we can use it to facilitate a more comprehensive relationship between REALTORS® and consumers. REALTORS® are encouraged to set up accounts so you can be an even better resource for your clients and take advantage of this new feature for your business.

CREA's Annual General Meeting (AGM)

CREA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is fast approaching. This year's meeting is on March 19th in Ottawa, ON and the agenda covers several items that are of importance to all members. In addition to the election of directors, voting delegates will also be considering several initiatives that involve amendments to CREA's By-laws and Rules and to the REALTOR® Code.

Board Minimum Standards

Rule 2 of CREA's Rules, which establish the minimum standards Boards must meet to maintain membership in CREA, has been revised to enhance the level of professionalism of Boards from a risk management perspective.

Qualifications to Run For CREA's Board of Directors

Article 8 of CREA's By-Laws sets out the mandatory prerequisite requirements for anyone wishing to sit as a CREA director. The proposed revisions will allow candidates to rely on previous director experience on boards of other non-profits and public bodies, as well as real estate boards. That experience will have to have taken place within the past ten years. The proposed amendments also create a new section that establishes a leadership training requirement that must be met either before or soon after being elected as a director.


CREA's Board of Directors approved changes to Rule 9, the Certification Marks Rule, at their meeting in August 2015. The Rule changes are intended to make the use of the REALTOR® marks easier, with a view to increasing proper use and reducing improper use. For example, the new rules for use of REALTOR® make it possible to display the mark as 'Realtor' in certain circumstances.

At the same time the Board of Directors also approved amendments to Article 27 of the REALTOR® Code, which is the Article governing CREA's Trademarks. The amendments to Article 27 will make the REALTOR® Code consistent with the amended Rule 9 and with CREA's Trademark Policy. These amendments to Rule 9 and to Article 27 of the REALTOR® Code will be presented to the membership for ratification.


The Board of Directors approved amendments to two other Articles of the REALTOR® Code at their meeting in January 2016. The amendments to Article 16 and Article 19 are aimed at modernizing the REALTOR® Code.

More information about registration, accommodations and this year's AGM Agenda Package, refer to the event's page on