Introducing smart leads

2016 was a busy year for with over 240 million visitor sessions and over 300,000 accounts created. This means REALTORS® were sent over 1.9 million email leads throughout the year.

Starting this February, is making sure you get the most out of your leads with the launch of smart leads. These emails, which are generated when a visitor to your listings or profile sends you a lead, will provide you with more information than ever before. smart leads give you more insight into your leads with the addition of the following information: smart leads provide additional information to help you build stronger, smarter connections with potential clients.

If you have any questions please contact CREA Member Support.

Note: Users have the option to choose to not share certain types of information when sending an email to a REALTOR®.

Happy anniversary to us!

Five years and fifty editions ago, CREA began communicating directly with REALTOR® members for the first time. The launch of NEWS2Me marked a renewed effort to ensure that you know what tools and services you receive for your membership dues, and how you can make the most of them.

We’d like you to help us make the next fifty editions as useful and as interesting as possible. Tell us what information is most important to you by taking this four-question survey.

And if you want to reminisce about the last five years, past issues of NEWS2Me can be found here.

New FINTRAC policy interpretation

After several months of lobbying, FINTRAC has finally released a policy interpretation to clarify the ongoing monitoring requirements of a business relationship.

Several years ago FINTRAC mandated that a business relationship is formed when two transactions occur within five years with the same brokerage. This required the brokerage to conduct ongoing monitoring of the business relationship with the client as well as keep a record of the measures taken and information obtained.

Given this decision was and is contrary to the fundamental nature of REALTORS® business, CREA has lobbied hard to change this interpretation. It is common to conduct two transactions with the same client within a five year period; therefore this interpretation caused a significant reporting burden on brokerages.

Recently FINTRAC has changed its position to state that ongoing monitoring now starts at the third transaction. A business relationship is still formed at the end of the second transaction, however, the ongoing monitoring is only required if a third transaction occurs. This will reduce both time and effort required to comply with FINTRAC.

To learn more: FINTRAC Policy Interpretations

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