First-time Hackathon Event To Benefit REALTORS®

For the first time ever, is opening a suite of its data sets. This planned event, called a hackathon, is meant to enhance, the No. 1 real estate website in Canada.

You might be wondering what a hackathon entails. Over a non-stop, 48-hour period, developers, UX designers, startups and entrepreneurs will be competing in teams to design, build and demo real-world enhancements that:

Part of being an industry leader is fostering a diverse ecosystem of innovative partners who are looking to build their businesses and add value to

This open, collaborative and fun environment can bring a fresh perspective to business challenges, as well as give an outside-in view of products. The diversity of participants guarantees a multitude of perspectives and the time limit on hackathons creates a uniquely productive atmosphere.

"As Canada's No. 1 real estate website, we will continue pushing the envelope of innovation. This hackathon is just one example of how we will continue to make sure is Canada's answer for real estate," said Patrick Pichette, Vice-President,

Our goal is to inspire and discover the next generation of partners and product features, helping to maintain as the leading real estate platform for both REALTORS® and consumers.

The Hackathon is taking place in Ottawa from October 12 to 14.

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Take Our Giving Survey for a Chance to Win a $1,000 Donation for Your Favourite Charity

For the past five years, we've asked REALTORS® to let us know how much they've given to charity on an annual basis. We add your individual amounts to those reported by boards, associations, franchisors and charities within the REALTOR® community and come up with an aggregated total to share with our membership, the general public, media and decision-makers on Parliament Hill.

Why? Because we're incredibly proud of the contributions made by the REALTOR® community and we think shining a spotlight on REALTORS®' collective generosity inspires further giving.

Our current five-year total stands at more than $109.6 million. We're ready to add another year's worth of donations and fundraising amounts to our ever-growing total, but we need your help to do so.

Click here to take our giving survey and let us know how you gave back in 2017.

Rest assured your personal information will be kept strictly confidential, in accordance with CREA's Privacy Policy. Contest details can be found here.

By completing the survey by the October 19 deadline, your favourite Canadian registered charity will be entered to win a $1,000 donation from CREA in your honour.

CREA Will Have an ImPACt on Parliament Hill

Whether you're a political novice or a PAC pro, the 33rd edition of CREA's Political Action Committee (PAC) Days is sure to leave an impression.

Beginning this weekend, REALTOR® members from across the country are coming to Ottawa to advocate for these proposals, and more, on behalf of home buyers, property owners and communities. 

This year's PAC Days will be the last one before the next federal election and CREA has developed new proposals to present to MPs.

The REALTOR® asks include increasing the existing Home Buyers' Tax Credit from a $750 non-refundable tax credit to $2,500 and we'll be lobbying the government to consider regional differences when implementing nation-wide measures affecting home buyers.

PAC Reps will meet with MPs to discuss local housing markets and policies that promote a vibrant and sustainable real estate industry.

PAC Reps will also:

CREA will provide an update on what was accomplished at this year's PAC Days in next month's NEWS2Me.

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