CREA Will Have an ImPACt on Parliament Hill

Whether you’re a political novice or a PAC pro, the 33rd edition of CREA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) Days is sure to leave an impression.

Beginning this weekend, REALTOR® members from across the country are coming to Ottawa to advocate for these proposals, and more, on behalf of home buyers, property owners and communities.

This year’s PAC Days will be the last one before the next federal election and CREA has developed new proposals to present to MPs.

The REALTOR® asks include increasing the existing Home Buyers’ Tax Credit from a $750 non-refundable tax credit to $2,500 and we’ll be lobbying the government to consider regional differences when implementing nation-wide measures affecting home buyers.

PAC Reps will meet with MPs to discuss local housing markets and policies that promote a vibrant and sustainable real estate industry.

PAC Reps will also:

  • learn about politics and get a sense of what’s going on at the federal level from a federal government representative and a member of the Official Opposition;
  • hear from expert speakers on a series of subjects including international trade, the pre-election political landscape and millennials;
  • attend panel discussions featuring members of the media, pundits and parliamentarians;
  • learn how to influence decision makers and effectively conduct a meeting with their MP; and
  • get the opportunity to rub shoulders and talk politics with fellow PAC Reps over the three-day conference.

CREA will provide an update on what was accomplished at this year’s PAC Days in next month’s NEWS2Me.