Happy Birthday to Living Room!

After one year in a new home, your living room is pretty well put together.

We’d like to think our Living Room is no different.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of launching REALTOR.ca’s consumer-focused blog, Living Room, and the French equivalent, Salon. The blog covers topics such as market trends, home improvement, neighbourhood guides, unique homes, interior design and DIY projects.

Since the launch, REALTOR.ca’s blog has received more than 500,000 unique visitors reading nearly one million pages. We’ve also gained more than 22,000 followers across our social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

And now for the best part about our blog: the articles featured on Living Room and Salon have generated more than 300 leads from readers who clicked through to contact a REALTOR®. The articles (such as “Which Interior Design Styles Are Trending for 2019” and “6 Questions to Ask Before Moving in Together”) are meant to be shareable content that appeal to Canadians on a personal level. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with your content curation and social media efforts, you’ll want to share these articles with your network.

With content constantly being published on Living Room, REALTOR.ca brings consumers back to the site repeatedly, creating more opportunities to create these new leads. About 56% of direct visitors to the blog are new to REALTOR.ca while other visitors stay on the site 60% longer, on average, and are almost twice as likely to turn into a lead.

So, while REALTOR.ca is home to about 300,000 property listings at any given time, Living Room is a destination for all to visit, regardless of where they are in the home buying journey.

Visit REALTOR.ca/blog today and start sharing content! You never know what business opportunities will arise.