CREA’s National Ad Campaign is Back

The next time you’re flipping through TV channels or are several videos deep in a YouTube bingewatching session, keep an eye out for CREA’s 2020 ads, entitled “Dollhouse” and “Doghouse”.

Our National Ad Campaign normally airs twice a year: once around the beginning of the busy spring market and again in the fall. With COVID-19 forcing a global shutdown at the turn of the season, the spring campaign launched on a much smaller scale.

The ad highlights how being a REALTOR® takes a special set of skills. It takes dedication, a thirst for knowledge, and the ability to negotiate like no one’s business. But more importantly, it’s as if REALTORS® were born to help people find their dream home. The ads have an overall positive tone and this campaign will give Canadian home buyers and sellers more reason to value a REALTOR® by showcasing how they are obsessed with satisfying their clients.

By rolling out the advertisements now, we’re also leveraging the record rise in online visits seen on (online visits increased by 46% compared to the same time last year).

Developed by the award-winning ad agency, Union, and in partnership with CREA’s National Ad Campaign Committee, the new ads can be viewed and downloaded on REALTOR Link®. The 2020 commercial may be used on websites for boards, associations and members for a period of one year ending March 22, 2021.

The ads are also available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

2020 Radio Ads
Remember the  Radio Co-op Advertising Program is still available for 2020. You can check out the radio commercials on REALTOR Link®. Boards wishing to join the program can find the forms here.

2020 Digital Ads
The National Ad Campaign integrates the use of digital media as part of its overall mix. Boards, associations and members can download the banner ads to help broaden exposure for the campaign. Our online campaign will showcase our 30-second TV commercial, as well as our 8-second and 15-second digital ads.

If you have any questions, please contact