Commercial REALTORS® Featured in Latest Social Media Campaign

Residential home sales usually get all the attention, but it’s important to remember the vital role commercial real estate plays in a successful economy.

The commercial real estate market is competitive. When it comes to buying, selling or leasing space for a business, and all the big decisions that come with that, a REALTOR® who specializes in commercial property sales is your best ally.

In order to promote this positioning more, CREA has launched a social media ad campaign highlighting the importance of using a commercial REALTOR®. You may have already seen the ad pop up in your Facebook or Instagram feeds—the post features an aerial shot of a neighbourhood, split with a picture of someone twirling spaghetti on a fork, which lines up perfectly with a busy four-lane road. The text reads: “We’ll find your restaurant a hood that’s hot, so you can focus on your dinner hitting the spot.” The post directs users to’s Commercial Resources page, where you can search for commercial REALTORS® and learn more about buying, selling or leasing commercial properties.

The campaign, put together by the creative agency Union, will run until February 2.