Ask Me Anything: CREA Directors Answer Your Questions

We’re launching a new video series to help you better connect with your CREA Board of Directors.

Like you, our Board believes in transparency and accountability. Because of this we’re happy to announce the launch of our new Ask Me Anything video series, where we invite CREA Directors to answer questions we’ve received from our members.

“We really want to make sure our members have the opportunity to be heard and our Board is committed to opening the lines of communication even more with this new series,” says Michael Shaw, CREA’s Manager of Communications.

In Episode 1, CREA’s Chair Costa Poulopoulos, Chair-Elect Cliff Stevenson and Vice-Chair Jill Oudil speak openly and honestly about some of the most popular questions we received from you, our members. From the need for a national ad campaign and how the Listing Stats app can help your business, to understanding why continues to partner with big brands, your questions are answered.

You can watch the entire episode on CREA’s YouTube channel.

If you have a question for the board, send an email to and it could be featured in an upcoming episode.