Listing Stats App: Making Big Moves for REALTOR® Convenience and Client Service

It’s no small feat that the modern real estate professional continues to evolve at a pace that rivals even today’s Canadian markets, so the tools you choose to use must do the same. That’s why we have added new, practical features to the Listing Stats app for your convenience.

Show your sellers the numbers they want to see

The Listing Stats app now enables you to schedule reports to send automatically to clients to keep them in the loop of how the market is responding to their listing on and DDF® advertising platforms. With just a few taps, choose the delivery method and frequency, add a personalized message to your sellers, and you’re ready to distribute reports that help emphasize the invaluable resource you are as their REALTOR®.

Save what you need for later

Having access to listing stats reports when your listings are live is great, but being able to save and keep them for as long as you need, well, that’s definitely better! With the Listing Stats app, you can now view reports on both your active and inactive listings. For 90 days after your listing is removed from you can access, save, and print your final listing stats reports, and use them to compare data on listings past, present, and future.

If you’ve never tried the app, here’s what else you can expect:

  • Get notified – see when your listing goes live on
  • Track stats – find out how your listing performs on multiple platforms like DDF® advertisers.
  • Connect with leads – Get notified of and respond to new email leads.
  • No-fuss log in – Sign in once and use the switch accounts feature if you’re a member of more than one board.
  • View office listings – Share your office’s active listings with potential buyers.

Download the app today!


With the Listing Stats app added to your arsenal of tools, you’ll be able to reassure clients their properties are getting adequate attention from buyers and other REALTORS®, hold onto historical data that will help inform your marketing strategy, and communicate easily with potential prospects.

If you love this app or want to see other features added to the Listing Stats app, we want to hear from you!