Develop your International Real Estate Knowledge with CIPS Courses

The Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation courses can give you the tools you need to work with new clients abroad and at home. These courses not only help REALTORS® with Canadian investors looking to expand their portfolio, but also to shed light on cultural and social nuances of international buyers. New Canadians have always been an important piece of the overall composition of home buyers in Canada, so making their real estate transaction as smooth as possible is something any REALTOR® can strive for. These courses have been designed to help REALTORS® give clients the best advice when seeking to understand other markets, as well as give REALTORS® the tools to work locally with clients no matter their background or culture.

Over the duration of each of the five CIPS courses, we’ll look at market nuances and relevant investment information in Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as provide an overarching view of some key differences between Canadian and global real estate.

Coming up soon:

CIPS Global Real Estate: Local Markets (September 8-9)

Covering topics like how global trends and the flow of the economy impact local markets.

The Business of U.S. Real Estate (September 15-16)

Covering licensing requirements, agency relationships, standards customs and cultural norms of U.S. real estate business practices.

Americas and International Real Estate (September 22-23)

Including recommendations and skills for facilitating real estate transactions in the Americas, as well as networking and relationship building in real estate, commerce, and government.

Europe and International Real Estate (September 27)

Looking at assessing opportunities in different European markets, and evaluating investment patterns, investor profiles and real estate activity.

Asia/Pacific International Real Estate (October 5-6)

Discussing social, economic, political, and geographical characteristics of some major Asia/Pacific markets.

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