New Course in the Certified Real Estate Broker Manager Designation Series: Starting a Real Estate Company

So, you want to start your own brokerage? Whether you’re looking for a change, to start from scratch, or you already have a plan in the works but want to ensure you’re covering all your bases, CREA can help fill in the blanks.

If you’re thinking about becoming a broker and are interested in starting your own real estate company, this upcoming course in the Certified Real Estate Broker Manager (CRB) designation series is a great place to start.

On October 13 and 14, we’re offering a specific course, Starting a Real Estate Company, that counts toward your certification and is offered to all REALTORS® as a way to figure out if it’s something you’d like to pursue. This course is brand new to the program and is designed to help level-up your knowledge of what it takes to own and manage your own brokerage.

This course will help you identify the key components to consider for starting your own real estate company, managing the day-to-day operations, and recognizing your strengths as they relate to your business. This course will also cover the major differences between opening a franchise, and going independent, plus looks at the pros and cons of each to help figure out which option makes the most sense for you. In addition, the course looks at growth strategies and tried and true best practices for getting started from the ground up.

Key concepts in the Starting a Real Estate Company course include:

  • fundamental considerations before starting your company;
  • operations and people management;
  • the legal structure of real estate brokerages;
  • economic aspects of starting your business; and
  • potential growth opportunities.

Each course is hosted virtually through the CREA Learning Hub and takes place over two half-day sessions. If you’re already on the path and think you have a good grasp on the foundational building blocks covered by Starting a Real Estate Company, or just need a couple more electives to complete the CRB designation, other courses in the series are coming up soon.

These electives also count toward your CRB designation:

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