Message from the Chair

I’m incredibly proud and grateful to have been Chair of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) in 2021. Anyone looking back on this year, at all the changes we made and had to adapt to, should feel the same way.

Coming into this year, I had hoped for more in-person engagement, and while that didn’t come to fruition for many events, we should be incredibly thankful for the opportunities we had. The conversations I’ve had virtually have allowed me to collaborate with so many amazing people – I want to keep that momentum going and keep embracing the hybrid communications model. The REALTOR® community, boards, associations, members, and staff, have demonstrated how much we can achieve when we continue to connect with each other and grow together.

We all looked to 2021 to be a year of change and improvement for how we were able to live our lives, and how we were able to engage with others. While this year probably didn’t end up being what we hoped for in that regard, we should all hold the same hope that 2022 will be a welcomed year of change for the better.

I hope all our members have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday season. Given the challenges, successes, and ever-changing environment of the last 21 months, I hope everyone can take some downtime with family and friends this season.


Cliff Stevenson