Episode 22 of REAL TIME – The Art of Negotiation

On Episode 22 of REAL TIME, we had the pleasure of speaking with Wes Hall, one of North America’s most influential business leaders, about best practices, and trends in the art of negotiation. Hall shared some practical tips for how REALTORS® can re-enforce their existing skills to support their business as well as understand their own worth.

Hall’s story of success hasn’t been without substantial hurdles. From humble beginnings, Hall has since facilitated multi-billion-dollar mergers, solidified his position as a powerhouse in his field, and is on his way to becoming a household name as the newest dragon on the CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Hall is paving a path for himself and so many others as he continues to be a bold voice for anti-racism through his BlackNorth Initiative.

We asked Hall about common barriers when entering negotiations, like the emotions REALTORS® often have to navigate with their clients as they buy or sell real estate. In high-pressure situations, there are many things to keep in mind and priorities to manage, so Hall walks us through tips for maintaining composure and securing the best possible result for yourself or your client.

We also discuss the importance of trust and strategy in negotiations. Hall outlined how he has helped his clients feel comfortable with leaving some of the biggest, most sensitive transactions of their lives in his hands, and how you can apply these principles to most negotiations.

Listen to Episode 22 of REAL TIME to learn about Hall’s journey to success, and how to become a more impactful negotiator.

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