REALTOR® Safety in a Virtual Environment

Just as there are certain safety precautions you take into consideration while travelling to showings, hosting open houses, and meeting new clients in person for the first time, there are also considerations that can help make your virtual communications safer.

As REALTORS®, a major factor in building and maintaining your business is making connections and meeting new people. Now that many first interactions are taking place virtually, it’s important to remember the person you’re ‘meeting’ is still unknown to you and to act accordingly.

When sensitive information is your concern, there are a few applications that are better encrypted than others and don’t store your information.

Other, less obvious considerations for protecting yourself on video calls are:

  • Be wary of unexpected video calls from numbers or email addresses you don’t recognize, including new leads. You can text, email, or voice call them back, to help ensure you’re not opening suspicious links, or answering a caller whose intentions are inappropriate.
  • If you’re organizing a video call, let the other person/people involved know you’ll be calling them/sending the video conference link.
  • Record the screen on your phone or chosen device used to make the call and let other participants know you will be doing so.

Learn more practical safety tips for REALTORS® on CREA Café, find additional suggestions on REALTOR Link®, or check out resources from the National Association of REALTORS® in their REALTOR® Safety Program Resources.