Ask Me Anything with Members of CREA’s Board of Directors – Episode 3

As a REALTOR®, you wear many hats. You’re a trusted advisor and confidant, a marketing expert, pricing guru, but most importantly, you’re a calming figure as your clients embark on the journey to homeownership. Good or bad, your role involves tempering expectations, staying positive and being honest with your clients.

Like you, CREA’s Board of Directors believes in transparency and accountability and for these reasons, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new Ask Me Anything video series.

In Episode 3, CREA’s Chair Costa Poulopoulos, Chair-Elect Cliff Stevenson and Vice Chair Jill Oudil speak openly and honestly about some of the most popular questions we receive from you, our members.

From the impact of mass vaccinations on market activity, eyeing a future in international real estate, to learning about how REALTORS® can get involved with CREA and its committees, your questions are answered.

With vaccines now arriving in Canada, how do you think this will impact our housing markets?

“Should things continue as they are as the vaccines come into place and we’re successfully rid of the situation with COVID, it’ll be fantastic [for housing markets]. I think homeowners right now, their priorities have changed in many cases. People are wanting to make a shift. Their home has become a more important space for them than ever before and they may have different needs. It’s just going to keep going and potentially get busier.” – Jill Oudil

Several of my colleagues have started working in international real estate. Where’s the best place to start?

“We’re fortunate that CREA has a global community. You can go to and get a ton of information. There’s stats and tools that are there, there’s exclusive events you can go to, there’s an active global directory, increased exposure for international referrals and it’s an opportunity to grow your global business.” – Costa Poulopoulos

What’s your most memorable sale or purchase of your careers?

“The one that comes to mind I never got paid on, let me explain…” – Costa Poulopoulos

To hear the rest of his story, you’ll have to watch the video.

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