This Month on REAL TIME: How Different Generations are Rocking Canadian Real Estate

On Episode 17 of REAL TIME, we asked REALTORS® across the generational spectrum, for insights into the nuances buyers and sellers from each cohort bring to Canadian real estate markets.

From ‘Baby Boomers’ to ‘Gen Z’, every generation has had varying experiences with technology, the economy, and now the pandemic, so we set out to learn how these factors influence trends in each group’s thought process when it comes to real estate.

Our four guest REALTORS® dive into their firsthand experiences related to each generation’s participation and competition in the market, and we learn some popular opinions on the subject, might not be reflective of where things stand.

Our guests also filled us in on ways REALTORS® of all generations can find something worth learning from those outside their age demographic. Since each generation comes with their own set of perspectives, we considered how these might also impact the way REALTORS® do business with, market to, and even communicate with their clients. Although every group certainly has their differences, we also found some similarities, and common ground.

Listen-in on the roundtable discussion to learn about the generational factors influencing what clients want in homes, where they want to buy, and even the reasons they choose to buy. Plus, insights from REALTORS® about their own generation’s quirks, and how a younger group entering the profession has impacted the field.