REAL TIME Episode 16: Dr. Winny Shen – Building a Healthy Professional Mindset

It’s no secret to REALTORS® that the unpredictable hours, paired with constantly evolving demands of the job can sometimes make a manageable work-life balance seem like a tight-rope-walk. This month on Episode 16 of REAL TIME, host Erin Davis spoke to Dr. Winny Shen, Associate Professor of Organization Studies at York University and expert in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, about psychology-based techniques professionals can use to set themselves up for success.

Dr. Shen explains theories and methods for gaining a mental ‘edge’ in professional life, performing your job most effectively, and how your mental well-being at work impacts life outside the office.

Dr. Shen describes tactics to help entrepreneurs who work in competitive fields thrive and ways to positively manage common stressors.

Listen-in for more about the advantages of having a professional mentor, cultivating beneficial work relationships, and more!

Although prepped and researched for REALTORS® – this episode could also benefit other professionals in your network. Check it out and share Episode 16 of REAL TIME – Building a Healthy Professional Mindset.

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