This Month on REAL TIME: Design Expert Tiffany Pratt Talks Happy Homes, and Your Well-being

If you’ve taken on a home renovation or interior design project recently, or you plan to soon, you’ve no-doubt seen the sheer volume of options, design inspiration, and trends that will takeover your spare time if you let them. It can be overwhelming, to say the least!

Now that we are all spending so much extra time at home, it’s even more important to incorporate design elements into your spaces that you can really live in harmony with. Your choices should add to your comfort and boost your spirit in meaningful ways. On our latest episode of REAL TIME we welcome designer, author, speaker, and TV personality: Tiffany Pratt to talk about doing just that. Aside from her time on HGTV, Tiffany is most known for her bold design choices; they center around practical ways to merge happiness and well-being within our homes and ensure those live in the spotlight.

With Tiffany, we explore colour; creativity; costs; and the value of prioritizing your own joy in the decision-making process. We also hear from Tiffany about her lifestyle book This Can Be Beautiful, that shares her vision of finding and creating beauty in your everyday, and how that doesn’t have to mean spending as much as you may think. One peak at Tiffany’s designs and you’ll understand why they call her the “Queen of Colour” and why we think that even if your chosen aesthetic is more sepia than technicolor, you’ll find yourself reflecting on your own spaces, and the pieces that you love most.

Check out our conversation with Tiffany Pratt on this month’s episode of REAL TIME

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