A Closer Look at The Homeownership Dividend

The true value of homeownership is far broader than many appreciate. While the financial benefits are easiest to identify and quantify, there are many long-term advantages for homeowners and their communities, that could make a difference in your clients’ home buying journey.

We analyzed research from Canada, the United States, Europe, and elsewhere around the world, to author “The Homeownership Dividend for Canadians” showcasing the constructive outcomes of homeownership, and the factors that contribute to its extensive positive impacts. These include a wide array of civic, educational, health, and socio-cultural benefits to one’s family and the broader society.

The federal government has consistently played a role in helping Canadians fulfill their homeownership ambitions. Despite current challenges with growing affordability concerns and increasingly competitive markets, the evidence demonstrates that the broad-based benefits remain as true and relevant as ever. The fact remains that we are far from finished supporting people in achieving homeownership in Canada. The goal now should be to build on and strengthen this legacy, while at the same time supporting the full continuum of housing needs in Canada.

Check out the highlights from “The Homeownership Dividend for Canadians” and share them with your clients to make sure they understand the many benefits of homeownership.

To learn more and take a deep dive into the “Homeownership Dividend” read the full  white paper.