Ask Me Anything Episode 6 With Cliff Stevenson, Jill Oudil, and Larry Cerqua

As a REALTOR®, you wear many hats. You’re a trusted advisor and confidant, a marketing expert, pricing guru, but most importantly, you’re a calming figure as your clients embark on the journey through homeownership, selling, or leasing. Good or bad, your role involves tempering expectations, staying positive and being honest with your clients.

Like you, CREA’s Board of Directors believes in transparency and accountability and for these reasons, we’re happy to share another episode of our Ask Me Anything video series.

In Episode 6, CREA’s Chair Cliff Stevenson, Chair-Elect Jill Oudil and Vice Chair Larry Cerqua speak openly and honestly about some of the most popular questions we receive from you, our members.

On June 1, changes are coming to Canada’s FINTRAC regime, are you ready? What does this mean for your business? What about communications? Members receive a lot of updates from CREA, where should you turn if you think you might have missed something? And lastly, the new app, why should you and your clients be using this app? No matter the question, we have an answer.

I’ve recently heard about some changes coming to Canada’s FINTRAC regime? How can I prepare? And what is CREA doing to help?

“We’re a resource for members. We’re trying to pass this information as best we can. We send email updates to boards and associations and depend on them to carry that message forward to the membership … we are providing some webinars coming up, our legal council (Simon Parham) is already booked for 19 different events to engage with the membership. This has been a busy file for the national association, our GR team at CREA has been extremely busy and trying to influence change, push back against certain initiatives. This is something we have been actively involved with for years and will continue to be so.” – Cliff Stevenson

I receive a lot of different communications, where should I be going for updates and the latest information from CREA?

“The only thing I really have to add would be … when you’re on the CREA website, it’s an excellent opportunity to visit the CREA Café. It’s a hub with all sorts of information which includes legal, tech, and all sort so things that would be interesting to you. All in one place. I really highly recommend you visit CREA Café.”  – Jill Oudil

We’ve received a lot of feedback on the new mobile app, why did CREA need to update the app?

“We need that feedback. And when that feedback does come in, negative or positive … it’s amazing, it’s every day evolving. You might find something wrong today that somebody else didn’t experience. So, yeah, the feedback is important … reach out to your Board of Directors and all of us and we will make sure it goes to right parties to get the right answers.” – Larry Cerqua

To hear the rest of his story, you’ll have to watch the video.

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