REAL TIME Podcast Episode 15: Technology and the Future of Real Estate with Nikki Greenberg

What is PropTech? Don’t be too concerned if you’re not totally sure. This month on REAL TIME real estate technology thought-leader, Nikki Greenberg, walks us through that exact question and explains the impact “Property Tech” – this new-ish space within the tech world – will have on real estate over the next decade.

Most of us already use our smartphones for nearly everything and, in a fast-paced, always on-the-go industry like real estate, having access to the tools you need whenever and wherever you are is imperative to success. Greenberg explains some of the most common and advantageous uses of PropTech within real estate, and why it’s beneficial for you and your clients. Investors and developers will want to take special note of how these tools can give them a competitive edge with prospective tenants, and buyers, as they gain traction.

It’s all about making life easier, and Greenberg tells us how she sees these types of technologies integrating into our existing world, in a way that makes them hard to ignore and easy to embrace. We explore potential barriers and opportunities for adoption because, as Greenberg puts it: “there is going to be a larger push from the consumers for the real estate industry to engage more with technology. It’s going to go from a nice to have add-on to something that’s being essential”.

Listen-in on our conversation with Nikki Greenberg on Episode 15 of REAL TIME.