Let’s Help Those Affected by Flooding and Extreme Weather in B.C.

The REALTOR® community has shown, time and time again, that when disasters strike, we’re keen to come together and raise funds to help rebuild lives and communities. Since 2013 alone, the REALTOR® community has raised more than $1.2 million for disaster victims via the Canadian Red Cross. Unfortunately, the time has come again when our help is needed.

The people of British Columbia are facing an extreme weather emergency. A severe storm has resulted in flooding, landslides, mudslides, power outages, and other incidents across the South Coastal and Interior regions of the province. More than 18,000 people were displaced from their homes and tragically at least four people are dead. Rescue and recovery efforts continue.

The Canadian Real Estate Association is asking the REALTOR® community to consider giving what you can in support of the Canadian Red Cross’ British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal. Money raised will enable the Red Cross to carry out relief, recovery, resiliency and risk reduction activities in and beyond the region at the individual and community levels.

By donating, you’ll also help show that REALTORS® from across Canada are here to help those affected in their time of need. The more money we raise together, the stronger that message will be.

Click here to make a tax-receiptable contribution to the Canadian Red Cross securely using our REALTORS Care® donation page.

We also urge you to spread the word about our campaign. Please visit our REALTORS Care® Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to find content you can easily share with your social networks. Thank you for your continued generosity and for showing the world that REALTORS Care®.