Episode 8: Ask Me Anything with Members of CREA’s Board of Directors

As a REALTOR®, you wear many hats. You’re a trusted advisor and confidant, a marketing expert, pricing guru, but most importantly, you’re a calming figure as your clients embark on the journey to homeownership. Good or bad, your role involves tempering expectations, staying positive and being honest with your clients.

Like you, CREA’s Board of Directors believes in transparency and accountability and for these reasons, the Ask Me Anything video series was born.

On Episode 8, CREA’s Chair Cliff Stevenson, Chair-Elect Jill Oudil and Vice Chair Larry Cerqua speak openly and honestly about some of the most popular questions we receive from you, our members.

From how CREA is promoting commercial listings and REALTOR® value to why it’s important to give back in your community, no matter the question, we have an answer.

In today’s competitive real estate markets, how is CREA promoting the value of REALTORS®?

“Personally, I haven’t had a day that goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about REALTOR.ca or tell me that there on it every day. Even if they’re not looking, they’re nosy and they want to see it. They think it’s a great site. Also, it talks about all tools and value of using a REALTOR®.” – Larry Cerqua

I find commercial listings aren’t properly represented on REALTOR.ca. What is CREA doing to help commercial REALTORS®?

“We’ve been taking a bunch of feedback from commercial members for quite some time and we’re trying to make some adjustments. A lot of that does come from committee involvement, so commercial practitioners I encourage you to get involved in the committee process as well. The commercial navigation on REALTOR.ca has changed. We have taken input; it’s become more prominent to find commercial listings on REALTOR.ca and quite frankly it is an outstanding tool for marketing.” – Cliff Stevenson

Have a burning question you want the members of CREA’s Board of Directors to answer? Email crea-comms@crea.ca.

With the Canadian REALTORS Care® Award nomination period running until December 3, we want to know, why is it important to get involved/give back to your community?

“It’s an awesome way for REALTORS® to be able to show who we are. Our dedication, our community service, fundamentally, REALTORS® love helping. They love working in their communities, they love doing volunteer work. I think that REALTORS Care® Week is a great opportunity to show that in a collective nature.” – Jill Oudill

To hear the rest of their answers, watch the video.