Episode 19 of REAL TIME – The Pursuit of Housing: Moving Forward Post Election

Pursuit of Housing: Post-Election Analysis

On Episode 19 of our REAL TIME podcast, political journalist and commentator Chantal Hébert discusses the political implications of Canada’s housing challenges, the newly elected government’s plan, and how the two might align to support a more sustainable housing sector for all Canadians.

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During the conversation, Hébert reflects on why she believes Trudeau called an election in August, in the midst of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses how Canadians reacted to the decision.

Housing supply and housing affordability took centre stage during the election campaign. Hébert explains how housing issues have typically been addressed during federal elections compared to other issues such as the economy, healthcare and the environment. She also looks at how housing issues have evolved in recent years and discusses if housing has become more of a priority in the political landscape.

Furthermore, Hébert dives into the some of the Liberals policy promises from their election platform, such as a rent-to-own program, a buyer’s bill of rights and doubling the first-time home buyer’s tax credit, and if these platform promises resonated with voters.

Lastly, she discusses which party is likely to hold the balance of power, as the Liberal hang on to their minority position. Hébert also examines how this will impact housing legislation moving through Parliament and if any of the other parties will use housing legislation as a lightning rod for a non-confidence motion.

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