Welcome Home: CREA’s Latest National Ad Campaign

By now you may have seen or heard the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) new national ad campaign: “Welcome Home”. This year’s campaign is centred around the emotional significance of purchasing a home, the role a REALTOR® plays in the buying journey, and how they help in finding the unique, often intangible things that make a house feel like home. One thing is made certain throughout all variations of the ads: with knowledge, dedication, and expertise, a REALTOR® won’t just help you buy a house, they’ll help you find a home.

The campaign titled “Welcome Home” is a major shift from ads of the past couple years, like “No Regrets” and “Born to be a REALTOR®”. The decision to move in this direction is representative of data collected emphasizing consumer sentiment surrounding one of the largest purchases of many Canadian’s lives – a home. It’s reflective of the adaptations many Canadians have made to their homes to function in new, necessary ways, while living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s multi-platform, digital campaign is designed to increase awareness of a REALTOR®’s value to consumers, and targets Canadians with varying homeownership goals. Using a combination of videos, and dynamic still images, our aim is to drive listing engagement and produce more leads for members through REALTOR.ca. The ads follow consumers like first-time home buyers, young families, and empty nesters, and encourage those in their shoes to visit REALTOR.ca and find a REALTOR® who’s right for them.

REALTORS® connect the dots by bonding clients’ wish-lists with reality, and future potential. As each ad illustrates potential buyers’ visions for their ideal home, the presence of a REALTOR® throughout builds them into the story and showcases how integral they are to making this dream a reality.

The campaign was developed with UNION Creative, the award-winning ad agency we’ve worked with for many years, in partnership with CREA’s National Ad Campaign Committee. This year we persevered even with some special workarounds to accommodate travel restrictions and everyone’s health and safety – our director played their part from Helsinki, Finland, the onscreen action happened at a home in Toronto, and CREA’s crew contributed from Ottawa.

The new 2021 ad assets, found on REALTOR Link®, can be viewed, downloaded and used on websites for boards, associations and members.

CREA’s online campaign will showcase our 30-second TV commercial, as well as our 10-second digital ads.

The ads are also now available on CREA’s YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, please contact crea-comms@crea.ca.