Wrapping-up Election 2021 – Canada’s 44th Parliament

After a 36-day campaign, Canadians can be forgiven for feeling like it’s Groundhog Day all over again. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada will once again form a minority government. The distribution of seats in the House of Commons is little-changed:

While Canadians are mostly just relieved the pandemic election is over, there are positive take-aways for those who care about housing. REALTORS® and the community of real estate boards and associations successfully ensured housing affordability and supply was top of mind and very much part of the election conversation. Our message on housing supply resonated, with each of the major parties devoting portions of their platform to housing commitments and increasing housing supply.

At the same time, some campaign commitments could have negative impacts. We’ll work vigilantly to ensure the REALTOR® community’s interests are represented on the Hill.

CREA’s Government Relations (GR) team has immediately switched gears from election mode to planning mode. The Canadian public has sent a clear message that they want political parties to work together. We will be analyzing the results, finding points of alignment in the platform commitments, and preparing our lobbying strategy, and PAC Days priorities for the CREA PAC network accordingly.

Given the election results, PAC Days meetings will be more important than ever. The MP meetings that will take place virtually will be key to establishing new relationships, cementing old ones, and ensuring what is being presented at the local level complements the work we’ll undertake with stakeholders here in Ottawa. PAC Days will take place virtually on October 25-26, 2021.

Election Podcast

To hear a detailed analysis of the election campaign from journalist and political commentator Chantal Hébert, tune in to our special post-election episode of REAL TIME. Listen on CREA.ca/podcast or wherever you find your podcasts.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your contacts on the GR team should you have any questions or suggestions:

Linda Kristal
Dil Puar
RaeChelle-Faith Hamilton
Nicole Ferenczi

We look forward to continuing the momentum we have all worked towards on behalf of REALTORS® and your current and future clients.