CREA’s National Ad Campaign Relaunches After Early Success

In August 2021, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) launched a new national advertising campaign focused on the emotional connection Canadians have and can create with their homes. The new campaign titled “Welcome Home” ties consumers together with their daydreams, aspirations, and the lives they could live in their potential new homes. A spotlight is placed on the significance of using a REALTOR® in the journey to find more than just a house to check boxes off a list, but a home to fill with memories.

The goal of these advertisements is to demonstrate to consumers why REALTORS® are an integral part of their journey, and to put the value they bring to the equation on display. Each ad showcases how a REALTOR®, through their knowledge, dedication, and expertise can help their clients find a home that brings their desired lifestyle into existence.

The sentiment created by this narrative is encouraging. The ads resonated with our target audience, first-time home buyers (aged 25-39), as 87% indicated they have a positive impression of REALTORS®, according to survey data collected by Maru/Matchbox. Another promising trend is the increased positive perceptions of REALTORS® when it comes to “providing credible advice” and “listen[ing] carefully to clients”. Our research indicated 42% of first-time home buyers say they’re more likely to use the services of a REALTOR® after seeing the ads.

The latest campaign focused heavily on digital and online media, with traditional TV spots included, based on data showing where our target demographic chooses to spend their time. In addition, we tested new advertising opportunities on digital platforms like Spotify and TikTok. The complete digital mix allowed consumers to experience and interact with content across multiple channels. This helped towards the 11% increase in unaided recall of the ads compared to 2020, within the target demographic. After seeing the early success this approach to help drive consumers to, the campaign has been relaunched  this month with new assets for social media, as well as the TV ad.

Overall, our “Welcome Home” campaign is helping shape consumers’ understanding of the value of using a REALTOR® when buying a home.

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