Episode 23 of REAL TIME: What Makes a Leader, With Hamza Khan

What qualities do employees look for in a leader? How can leaders pivot to thrive in the future of work? How can all professionals strive to be seen as leaders in their field?

On Episode 23 of REAL TIME, we speak with Hamza Khan, a global keynote speaker and best-selling author, on what it means to be a great leader as the workplace and workforce continue to evolve.

Khan’s written work includes The Burnout Gamble, which addresses business resilience. Khan tells us more about his journey to becoming a thought leader and speaker and what experiences helped challenge him along the way. Khan’s work as a keynote speaker focuses on helping organizations thrive in the future of work.

“I believe that in the future of work the things that are going to be done by human beings are going to be those that can’t be done by machines,” he said. While technology will certainly disrupt the workplaces, what’s left will be jobs for humans with soft skills: creativity and critical thinking, for example.”

Khan outlines what he has dubbed “the Great Leadership Reinvention”, noting there are a few key qualities that will drive it, and that great leaders should learn to adapt to and incorporate them into their behaviours.

Khan also examines what workplace trends from the pandemic are likely to stick around. To find out what those are, listen to Episode 23 of REAL TIME.

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