DDF® Advertising Network Welcomes DDF® Advertising Network allows brokers to choose where their listings are shared, across our many partner and real estate advertising websites such as, TD Canada Trust, Microsoft Bing, The Globe and Mail, and Kijiji to name a few. We’re happy to announce another real estate advertising website will be joining the roster:

Findyourneighbourhood (FYN) allows home buyers to input their ideal lifestyle and neighbourhood preferences to help make informed decisions about the community they want to live in. Users can enter everything from basic information like budget and structure type, to more nuanced selections like transit and schools. From there, users can easily zone-in on the neighbourhoods they prefer, browse listings, and even find help organizing their post-purchase move to a new home.

Perfectly aligned with the core functionality of, FYN believes finding the right REALTOR® “can add tremendous value to your home buying journey.”

If your brokerage is already using DDF®, your broker owner will need to opt-in to allow your listings to reach the FYN audience. All leads generated will be sent directly to the listing agent.

Not yet using DDF®? You can set up and customize your advertising website preferences anytime by visiting DDF®.

Contact our Member Experience Centre at with any questions.