REAL TIME Episode 28, The Art of Conversation: Tips for Building Meaningful Relationships with Your Clients

While we might be living in a digital age, a career in real estate is still personal.

Buyers and sellers depend on REALTORS® to not only guide, inform, and advise, but to assure and reassure during an emotional time—likely the largest transaction of their lives. Succeeding as a REALTOR® requires a strong knack for connection. The ability to build trust. A commitment to immersing yourself in a client’s vision so you can help them achieve it.

In short, you need to communicate.

On Episode 28 of REAL TIME, we’re joined by James Duthie, one of Canada’s favourite sportscasters, to explore one of the most personal tools of the real estate trade: conversation.

Hear Duthie’s approach to sparking meaningful conversations at work and in life, with examples from throughout his career (the good and bad). Duthie also tells us how he got his start in sports broadcasting and how he developed his interviewing skills.

Duthie gave us his perspective on some of the real estate industry’s most timeless questions: How can REALTORS® better connect with their clients and prospective clients on a personal level? How can they find common ground to instill trust? What questions should they ask and not ask? And how can they become better listeners?

Pairing knowledge and expertise with the right conversation skills can give REALTORS® a professional edge. From breaking the ice to broaching sensitive and tough topics, learn how REALTORS® can use conversation to build stronger relationships with their clients.

You may need to have a difficult conversation about rejected offers or adjusting the sale price of a listing. On this episode of REAL TIME, we discuss maintaining a positive rapport after a tough discussion and what techniques you can use to convey approachability.

To hear more tips for building connections through conversation, listen to the full episode of REAL TIME now.

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