CREA Unveils Refreshed Logo, Website and Name in French

We’re excited to announce the CREA logo and are getting a refresh and realignment.

While our logo is receiving slight modifications, the website will be refreshing its navigation and look to improve functionality and support a visitor’s site journey.

Since 2015, you’ve known as the image on the top left, but it’s being updated with a more modern look that reflects our mission and values, as seen in the image on the bottom right.

The CREA logo changes are also shown below. You’ll notice the subtle font change in the side-by-side comparison—a nod to our very own (which we’ll also be using across the refreshed—and a change to our name in French. The name change was approved at CREA’s Annual General Meeting as L’Association canadienne de l’immobilier to represent our operational function more accurately.

Why was the change necessary?

During a review of CREA’s By-Laws it was revealed the French version of CREA’s name, L’Association canadienne de l’immeuble, did not accurately reflect the English. As this change also involved amending CREA’s Articles of Incorporation, the motion required a two-thirds majority vote by voting delegates.

If you or your office is currently using CREA’s name or logo on your website, in promotional materials, or other assets, you’ll need to ensure you’re using the correct updated version.

Access the updated logo files

What about the changes to

The sleek, modern design creates a more natural and cohesive user journey and helps highlights content under our three pillars: advocacy, reputation, and REALTOR®and consumer technology. You’ll still be able to find all the resources you need on the refreshed, including your favourite web tools, podcast episodes, apps, and data. You’ll also find the latest on our advocacy efforts,, the CREA Global Affiliates program and national housing statistics.

Along with a refreshed design, we’ve introduced elements to improve the user experience, like a new search function.

The refreshed site will go live early next month.

If you have any questions, please contact our Member Experience Centre by email at or by phone at 1-888-237-7945.