Episode 24 of REAL TIME: Exploring the Impact of a Digital Future with Sinead Bovell

On Episode 24 of REAL TIME, we’re joined by futurist Sinead Bovell to explore the impacts of engaging, transacting, and communicating through technology.

Adoption rates have skyrocketed and are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels. On this episode, we dive into the risks and benefits of a technologically-driven society. More specifically, in an industry like real estate, where personal branding, human connections, trust, and networking are fundamental.

We ask Bovell: What does the digitization of our economy mean for REALTORS®? And what can REALTORS® expect as technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the metaverse continue to gain traction?

A former professional model and the founder of WAYE (which stands for Weekly Advice for Young Entrepreneurs), Bovell noticed early on there were gaps between the speed at which technology advances and people’s ability to adapt and use it. She mentioned several factors driving these gaps, such as geography, age group, skill set and policies.

Technology has already had a profound impact on real estate and since the pandemic forced many industries to press fast-forward on their adoption rates, Bovell suggests the best thing to do now is lean in and continue educating yourself.

When it comes to real estate and the metaverse, Bovell says digital twins–virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle–could help homeowners know when they might expect repairs on their physical property. While you may see more listings or property twins appear in the metaverse, technology can’t replace everything, and AI can’t give you subjective opinions based on human experiences.

Want to learn more about the metaverse, opportunities to invest in new technologies and the risk of relying on technology? Listen to the full episode of REAL TIME now.

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