REAL TIME Podcast: How to Be Smart About Using Artificial Intelligence

By now you’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence (AI) or generative AI tools like ChatGPT, and may have even experimented with them personally or professionally. Although AI isn’t new, recent developments have made it more accessible, allowing people to easily incorporate it into their daily workflows.

For REALTORS®, AI presents a huge opportunity to work smarter and save time, but as with any new technology, it doesn’t come without risks. On this episode of REAL TIME, Sharon Shahrokhi Tehrani, data and machine learning product leader at CBC, explains the opportunities incorporating AI can present to your business, specifically how they relate to creating and distributing content. She also provides practical suggestions for using AI responsibly and productively.

Shahrokhi Tehrani starts the conversation by defining key terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, machine intelligence, and generative AI.

She then explains how predictive language modeling tools like ChatGPT work, and how businesses are leveraging them to enhance productivity and work smarter.

Shahrokhi Tehrani also tackles other burning questions:

  • How is AI going to change the way we do business?
  • Will content be fully automated in the near future?
  • What skills should REALTORS® focus on developing to effectively work alongside AI?

Finally, Shahrokhi Tehrani provides advice on protecting personal and business data while using AI, highlighting the importance of data privacy and security.

Whether you’re already an AI enthusiast or just curious about its potential, this episode of REAL TIME is packed with valuable tips and insights. Listen to this episode and others, wherever you listen to podcasts, or at