REAL TIME Podcast: The Working REALTOR® – Building Your Name in Real Estate

The REALTOR® community in Canada includes more than 160,000 real estate agents, brokers, and salespeople, many of whom have learned a few lessons, and can give some helpful advice to those trying to build a name in real estate. The Working REALTOR® is a new series on REAL TIME, focused on industry tips for REALTORS®, from REALTORS®.

On our first episode of The Working REALTOR®, James Mabey, CREA’s Chair-Elect, and Chris Peters, CREA’s Regional Director (Atlantic), reflect on their early days in real estate and share valuable lessons for up-and-coming real estate professionals.

Mabey and Peters explore the critical role of reputation and why it’s so important to identify what makes you unique, and how to communicate it effectively to build strong relationships.

The pair also talk about the importance of setting goals, both professionally and personally. They offer insight into their own experiences with the practice and elaborate on how integral it can be for staying motivated and focused. They discuss the role of mentors in achieving success and offer advice on how to work through the ebbs and flows so inherent to real estate.

Later in the episode, REALTORS® Tania Artenosio, Rob Longo, and Donna Mathewson share their thoughts on networking, patience, and integrity.

Whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned professional, this episode of REAL TIME is packed with valuable advice and insights to help you take your business to the next level. Listen to The Working REALTOR® series and other episodes of REAL TIME, wherever you find your podcasts, or at