REAL TIME Episode 33: Inspiring an Intrapreneurial Spirit

While ”business innovation” and “intrapreneurship” might sound like buzzwords heard around the boardroom table of a Fortune 500 company, if you’re a small business owner with limited resources, you may wonder how they can fit into your own business strategy.

On Episode 33 of REAL TIME, researcher, keynote speaker, and one of The Globe and Mail’s top changemakers of 2022, Dr. Chitra Anand, discusses business innovation, intrapreneurship, and the opportunities they present for REALTORS® to create high-impact change, with reasonable investment.

Dr. Anand defines “intrapreneurship” vs “entrepreneurship” and highlights how REALTORS® can identify and nurture both their own intrapreneurial talent and that exists within their teams. She also explains how to build a culture that attracts and retains employees who demonstrate these skills.

While setting goals to propel your business forward can be overwhelming, Dr. Anand helps us understand where to focus based on specific needs. We also learn about the intersection of trust and innovation, and how to build and leverage both in your business.

As you approach the New Year, learn how to make realistic, yet impactful changes, and adopt an intrapreneurial mindset on Episode 33 of REAL TIME. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, or at

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