Help Us Raise Funds for Those Affected by Wildfires in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia

Earlier this month, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) launched fundraising campaigns in support of the Canadian Red Cross’ Northwest Territories Fires Appeal and British Columbia Fires Appeal.

Dangerous fires have been spreading throughout both the territory and province, posing a significant threat to many communities, destroying hundreds of homes, and forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

We are encouraging the REALTOR® community to consider making tax-receiptable donations to support those affected in both regions, using our REALTORS Care® fundraising pages.

We have seen an unprecedented wildfire season this year in Canada and beyond. CREA and the REALTOR® community have responded by rallying together and raising more than $140,000 in total to date for those impacted in the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Hawaii, Atlantic Canada, and Alberta.

As always, we would appreciate your help spreading the word about our current campaigns to encourage donations and amplify our message that REALTORS® are here to help our friends in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia in their time of need. Please visit our REALTORS Care® Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to find content you can easily share with your social networks.

We would like to thank the REALTOR® community for your continued generosity and willingness to step up and support when disasters strike. The money raised this wildfire season is part of the more than $2.1 million we’ve raised for disaster victims since 2010 via our trusted partners at the Canadian Red Cross.